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We Are Your Pontoon Refurbishing Experts!
Pontoon Restoration and Upgrades

At Pontoon Refurbishing, we are here to make your old things like new again. Our services include pontoon flooring and re-decking, new upholstery for your boat or pontoon, upgrades and repairs, full detailing, and the popular addition of neon LED lighting. Pontoon Refurbishing is a great option and one that you can trust.

Pontoon Restoration - Before  Pontoon Restoration - After
  •  Re-Decking of Pontoon Floors
  •  New Upholstery - Boats & Pontoons
  •  Full Detailing
  •  Carpet Cleaning
  •  Neon LED Lighting
  •  Awning Repair
  •  Power Roof/Awning Upgrade
  •  And Much More...

Located on the Grounds of the Historic Loar Airfield
We are conveniently located at the Historic Loar Airfield in the Irish Hills of Michigan where there are over 50 lakes in and around the area. This makes our location a perfect choice for your watercraft upgrades and repairs. Give us a call and let us help get your pontoon or boat in shipshape condition!  (Get Directions)

If you have any questions or would like an estimate, call us at (517) 438-0120.
You can also send an email to dash@naturallydash.com.

Pontoon Refurbishing
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Pontoon Refurbishing
7315 Onsted Hwy.
Onsted, MI 49265

(517) 438-0120
Pontoon Refurbishing
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